Let's face it.....there are a lot of photographers out there.  It's not that I am hesitant to photograph you without reason;  I want to be the RIGHT PHOTOGRAPHER for you.  I want you to be excited and confident that I am the one.    My images are artistic with dark and moody tones with very little "looking at the camera and smiling."  My images are NOT light and airy, nor do I encourage clients to wear identical outfits.  

Do you want to be unique?  Do you want to be authentic?  Do you want to "feel" your images when you look at them? 

Then I'm the one.

I do a lot of prep by talking to clients to get to know their families, researching locations, and assisting in outfit choices. On the day of your shoot, you will be comfortable, confident, and excited.  I will capture images and artistically hand edit EACH image.  I don't do this because I have to.  I do this because I WANT to.  I am an artist, and want to utilize my talent to help you bring your vision to photo.

If you're still reading....and I hope you are.......here is a little about me:   I am married to the Superman of my life for 14 years and we have 2 loveable daughters.  Our family loves to play and we are always looking for an adventure.  You can find me on a snowboard, on a roller coaster, at a spin class, in the car singing to rock music opera style, or on the couch holding a bag of potato chips with a side of chocolate.   You can hear my laugh from afar and hear it often!  I have movie quote wars with my twin sister and 1980's nostalgia is a weakness of mine. I have an addiction to Diet Coke from the fountain and horror movies and hard rock music.  

Before taking one of my favorite hobbies and turning it into my dream job, I worked for several years in the corporate office of a large retailer in store operations and merchandise planning.  Being in the fashion and retail industry has helped me learn how to run my own business.

I strive to capture honest photos that tell a story.

About my craft:

I’m a lifestyle photographer who thrives in helping my clients bring out the best within by utilizing the approach of candid/realistic photography.  I guide my clients and help them realize their emotional existence which creates timeless, natural, and authentic images.  A session with me will be one with playing games, hugging, holding hands, telling jokes and with minimal posing.  I laugh....a lot.  I will of course guide you to the right positions, but the rest is up to you...just be yourself and embrace your natural expressions. 

What is Lifestyle Photography?

Lifestyle photography is an approach to sessions in which I strive to capture your family very naturally.  We will do very little posing, but I will guide you and your children to ensure everyone is relaxed and having fun.  When you are free to express yourself naturally, the result is an honest and timeless collection of images that truly represents your family and all that is wonderfully unique about you.


Where we will shoot

I love to photograph outdoors – parks, beaches, nature trails, historic buildings - that offer optimal late day or early morning light. I am also happy to come to your home if you would like to capture your family within your own personal environment.  We will spend 1-2 hours together to ensure we capture beautiful, natural images of you and your family.


I am based in Central New Jersey out of Monmouth County.  I am occasionally available for travel sessions, so inquire within.

When You Will Get Your Images

Within 2-3 days of our session I will provide you with a “sneak peek” from the session which will include 1-3 images. With your permission, I usually share this “sneak peek” through my Facebook page and Instagram.

Within 2 weeks of our session I will provide you with a link to a private online gallery where you will be able to view all of your images.  After viewing your images, you may select the images you would like to include in your final digital image package.

You can expect to receive your final images approximately 2 weeks from when you make your selections.

It's not just a photograph......it's an artistic memory.

Show the world who you and your family REALLY are through my lens!


* Sales tax of 6.625% will be added to all orders
* Prices are subject to change at any time and are locked at the time of booking
*Travel fee may apply for portrait sessions located more than 20 miles outside of Marlboro, NJ.