Please read over the requirements and contact Sandra Lauren Photography if you are eligible, available and interested.  

Eligible applicants must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Residents of Central NJ, Ages 8-18
  • Parent consent: Both Parents/Legal Guardians must sign a contract and model release with Sandra Lauren Photography prior to the beginning of the session.
  • Model must wear appropriate attire, uniform, costume etc. Dance, ballet, cheerleading, gymnastics, etc. Attire must be cleaned, pressed, well-fitted and visually appealing.
  • Must be available to attend a brief indoor session in Marlboro, NJ. Specific dates and times will be discussed.
  • Have a good attitude!

Models will receive 1-3 high resolution digital images with printing rights at no charge. Photographic styles and scenes will vary and will be determined by Sandra Lauren Photography. Backdrops may be black, white, or a specific color.

Selections are not first come first served. They are based on specific needs for variety, ages, styles, attire options and artistic vision.  When slots are filled, there will be a notification posted on social media.

To apply, contact Sandra Lauren Photography via email by March 1: [email protected] or Facebook/Instagram message and include the following:

  • Name and age
  • Activities your child is involved in. Include any teams or studio names.
  • A short blurb about the model including favorite poses/dance moves, etc.
  • Include a recent image of the model (Phone pic is ok).
  • Include an image of any available attire from dance, ballet, cheer, gymnastics, etc. Preferably, the model wearing it.

Thank you for your interest!